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Why did you choose the name “Carson Creek”?

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Why did you choose the name “Carson Creek”?

The name of my school came to me as I was driving to Northern Hospital of Surry County this past April. I had two hours in the car alone with my thoughts and they were focused on my 94 year old grandmother who had been taken to the hospital earlier that day. I was remembering the summers I spent at her home in “the country”, as she would call it. She lives in an old, farm-style house that was built by her father and brother. Several generations of Carsons have lived in that valley and, so, it is known as “Carson Creek”. My brother and I spent two weeks each summer at her house and, when we were there, it was like a different world. I can’t say that I appreciated it at the time but, looking back, I know it helped shaped the person I am now. We spent our days catching salamanders and crawdads in the creek, eating berries off the vine, digging potatoes in our grandparents’ extensive garden, playing baseball in the grassy front yard, and pushing trucks through the sandy bank by the creek. I can remember rolling down the grassy hill by the seldom-traveled road until I was tired and itchy. I remember catching lightning bugs and putting them into jars. I remember picking mint from the yard to put into Grandmother’s sweet tea. Yes, Carson Creek is the perfect name for my school.